Weekly Recorded Conference Calls

Weekly Recorded Conference Calls

Monday Leadership Call: 8pm CST
Tuesday & Thursday Overview Calls: 8pm CST
Saturday Training Call: 12pm CST
Dial-in Number: (712) 432-4604
Access Code: 77463

Weekly Conference Calls

Join us on Monday Night's Leadership Call, as PrimeMyBody’s top leaders from around the world come together to discuss what is working in their business, announce new promotions, and recognize the success that affiliates are having! Be sure to plug your leadership, as well as yourself into this dynamic weekly call.

Tuesday & Thursday Overview Calls are designed to educate guest and affiliates about PrimeMyBody’s amazing products and rewards program. You’ll hear testimonials describing how their lives have been impacted physically, mentally, and financially! Plugging yourself and your teams into these calls will help to create a culture within your business that is leveraged around systems that efficiently support both short and long term growth.