1. Setting the Tone

The most valuable asset in your business is you, and it is important to know what motivates you. Either using a printed version of this guide or in a notebook, take a moment to answer each of the following questions:

1. Why did you join PrimeMyBody?

2. What inspired you to get started?

3. What is your desired level of cash flow?

  • a. Pay off bills and eliminate debt
  • b. Supplement income to enhance lifestyle
  • c. Create wealth and financial freedom

4.List what you would love to do or become if money was not an issue.

5. What are your current options for increasing your monthly cash flow?

6. Why are you choosing to build a Business with PMB?

2. Take Action

1. Accessing Your Back Office

First things first, whether you are just getting started or you are a new Affiliate, it’s important to record your username and password! The username you selected during the enrollment process is also the name of your replicated website: http://www.username.primemybody.com. Your username can be changed at any time in the Account Settings of your Back Office. Before moving forward, write down your account information, now!

2. Your Active Status

In order to be considered an Active Affiliate, you and/or your customers must purchase on a monthly basis at least USD$100.00 worth of product that generates volume. This Active requirement can be met two ways:

1. by purchasing product directly from your Back Office - product order, product package order or Auto-Delivery
2. through your replicated website via customer(s) purchasing product(s).

3. Download the PMB Pulse

The PMB Pulse mobile app gives you business management and business leadership tools in the palm of your hands — helping you run your business & to continuously stay informed on everything happening in PMB!

Get instant access to your Back Office, upcoming Affiliate Events, trainings, in addition to having some incredible prospecting tools to help you deliver the PMB message! For more information on the Pulse, visit the PMB Pulse Training in the HQ section of your Back Office.

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The PMB Pulse is available for both Apple and Android devices; after downloading the app onto your smartphone device, you will need to use your PMB Affiliate username/password to gain access to the app contents.


3. Plugging In

Co-Founder & Black Diamond Affiliate, Austin Tice, talks about how plugging into something, not only requires dedication, but also commitment. Learn how plugging into these daily activities can help keep you organized and put you on track for major success!

1. Monday Leadership Call

Join our field’s top leaders from around the country as they come together to share their love for PMB and what is working in their business! Also, hear the newest Affiliate Promotions & announcements, in addition to all of the amazing things happening at PMB! This is a very powerful weekly call that will give you the foresight and knowledge to build a successful business -- and be sure to have ALL of your team plugging into this weekly call!

Every Monday, 8PM CST • Dial: 712-432-4604 • Pin: 77463

2. Tuesday/Thursday Overview Calls

Our weekly Overview calls are designed for our Affiliate’s guests and prospects! Led by our field’s top leadership, these calls last approximately 15-20 minutes, and they deliver some incredible information regarding our amazing products & Opportunity.

Every Tuesday & Thursday, 8PM CST • Dial: 712-432-4604 • Pin: 77463

3. Saturday Training Call

Whether you have been in PMB for one day or one year, our weekly Saturday Training Calls are hosted to assist, educate and guide you in building your business! These calls are led by our field’s top leadership, in addition to members of the PMB Management Team. Be sure you and your team plug into this call, as it is designed to help you grow your organization!

Every Saturday, 12PM CST • Dial: 712-432-4604 • Pin: 77463

4. Local Meetings & Trainings

New Overview Meetings and trainings are added on a regular basis in the Events page on the HQ page in your Back Office and in the PMB Pulse. These meetings are held all over the country; to locate events nearest you or to someone you know, log into your PMB Pulse mobile app or your Back Office for more information.

5. Identify Your Leaders

Maintaining an established line of communication with your sponsor and/or upline is an essential component for growth within your business. In your notes, write down your sponsor's name and number! Be sure to take time to meet and get to know your upline leaders; their experience will help to navigate and guide you throughout your PMB journey.Be sure to exchange your information with them as well!

Tip: Each of our weekly conference calls are recorded! If you miss a call or would like hear a call again, you can find recordings of the most recent calls in HQ section, under Recorded Calls. For convenience, these calls can be shared with your prospects and team members. Enjoy!

4. Your Foundation

Inspiration helps to ignite business! What inspires you most about PMB? Which product do you enjoy using the most? As you begin to share PrimeMyBody with friends and family, remember to keep it simple. As you begin to tell your story, it is great to share how you found PMB or how PMB found you, and how it impacted your life!

1. Creating Your List

On a separate piece of paper, list your top 100 people that could benefit from using our product or that you would like to partner with as an Affiliate! Your phonebook or social media profile is a great way to get this list started. You also might want to check out our Memory Jogger to spark some ideas of people to add to your list!

2. Exposing PMB

Sharing your story is an essential component of building any business. To assist you in sharing your story, we have provided some PMB “hot buttons.” Using these “hot buttons” when sharing your PMB experience/testimony will allow you the opportunity to identify with your prospect, which will help them to better understand that the PMB opportunity is a lot bigger than just you!

a) PrimeMyBody is a Plant-based wellness company
b) One of the largest Hemp Oil companies in America, if not the world
c) We are closely working with one of the most respected bio-chemists in the world, Dr. Christoper Shade
d) Our approach is simple: PMB focuses on Non-GMO, no nonsense ingredients for our plant-based products
e) We provide an affordable entry point to build a business within two of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. (Plant-Based Wellness and Hemp)
f) Add any additional “Hot Buttons” you might use to edify and promote PMB, its products and leadership

3. Utilizing Resources

The following resources are meant to be shared with your potential prospects (Affliates & Customers):

1) Tuesday & Thursday Overview Calls (Or share a previously recorded call)
2) Sit-Down Meeting
3) Product Sample
4) Attend a PMB Overview Meeting
5) Share a video from the PMB Pulse App

4. The Close

Do not shy away from asking for the sale! The 3-Question Close helps your potential prospects summarize the opportunity you have just presented to them:

1) What did you like best about what you just heard/saw?
2) What questions do you have?
3) Where do you see yourself getting started? As an Affiliate or Customer? If an Affiliate, which package makes the most sense?

This type of close is simple, and it does not pressure the potential prospect; rather it gives your prospect the opportunity to consider enough information to make a sound business decision. If your prospect still has questions, introduce them to a leader via a 3-way-call to get their questions answered. Before introducing a leader/upline onto the 3-way-call, take a second to introduce them to your prospect and edify them! Leveraging them on a call will, in turn, leverage you!

Tip: When following up with a prospect, it’s good practice to have a leader on standby for a 3-way call. Setting up a 3-way call not only takes pressure off you, it allows you the opportunity to get educated on PMB and how 3-way calls are executed. In time, you will be the upline assisting your downline with the close!

5. Building for Growth

Below are the necessary activities that help generate momentum in your business, establish solid business relationships, and create a sustainable culture/community:

1. Engagement Calls

After enrolling a new PMB Affiliate, take a few minutes to introduce them to your upline leader(s)! Before initiating the call, schedule an engagement call with your upline, and brief them about your newest Affiliate. Give both your upline and newest Affiliate an outstanding introduction to one another; from there, allow your up-line to welcome your new affiliate to the company and congratulate them on getting started! People love being greeted at yoga, church, the ball game, and at VIP events — Affiliate Marketing is no different. Dynamic and successful teams are built when relationships and communication are priorities.

2. In-Home Presentations

In-Home presentations can take place inside of a home, apartment, or a private room...wherever! The hosting Affiliate will set a date and time in advance, and invite their team and potential prospects for a thorough PMB Overview. The host(s) usually provide water, and perhaps a healthy snack or two for guests to enjoy. We suggest keeping the setup simple and duplicatable!

In-Home’s are not typically formal; in fact, being comfortable is incredibly important! Give some time for people to connect and socialize with one another before you jump into your PMB presentation. After the presentation has concluded, give your guests the opportunity to have any of their questions answered. Utilizing the 3 Question Close will assist your guests/prospects as they make an informed decision to become a customer or an Affiliate. Before hosting your first In-Home, we suggest consulting with your upline to assist you on how to set-up and present the PMB Opportunity!

3. Launch Calls

Launch calls are important business building calls, and we recommend you not skip out on these! Your upline will be needed to assist organizing you with this call. The purpose of launch calls is to invite your top prospects to a private, VIP style call, which you and your upline will host. When initiating this call, remember to introduce your guest(s) and upline; after which your upline leader will share the PMB story and how they can get started as an Affiliate!

4. Move to Action 3-Way Calls

Move to Action 3-Way Calls are an opportunity for us to connect people on our team to other leaders, and discuss how it is we can take our business’ to the next level. It’s never about one particular person; it is about the group as a whole, and how you each can grow together! A vision call, but with action steps attached to it.

5. Thank You Calls

It is incredibly easy for us to get caught up with the hustle of life and our daily routines, that we sometimes forget the little things that make a big difference! At times, it’s important to pause what you are doing, take a deep breath and clear your mind to be thankful!

Take a minute in your busy day to call a few of the team members you work with and let them know how grateful you are for them. Praise their hard work and let your words instill confidence and a sense of satisfaction in them.

Starting today, reach out to a few people and express your gratitude toward them. Practice this at least once a day and see the difference it can make in your business, and in your personal life!

6. Accountability & Organization

It is important to set obtainable goals. The little successes you achieve along the way allow you to consistently move toward fulfilling the vision you set out to accomplish when you joined PrimeMyBody.

Having success is not often easy, but it can be made simple. Take this business day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month! Set tasks for yourself to accomplish each day; your daily goals will spawn from the goals you are setting out to accomplish weekly. In other words, reverse engineer the finish line and focus on the things that you can do daily that eventually compound to create the outcome you seek.

These task and goals aren’t just reminders for ourselves, but also our team members. Our ability to coach and lead has everything to do with the example we set with our actions. We should expect of others nothing more than we expect of ourselves. Our CEO, Paul Rogers has been quoted saying many times, “If my team did what I did today, would any of us be making any money?” If we are going to hold other leaders on our teams accountable, then we must hold ourselves accountable as well.

1. Daily Action Goals

Self Development 15-60 minutes a day
What conference calls are available for me to plug into?
Do I have an In-Home Presentation set up?
Do I have any appointments scheduled?
Do I have any calls scheduled?

2. Weekly & Monthly Action Goals

What monthly financial goal do I have for myself?
What rank will I achieve by the end of the week/month?
How many people will I connect with?
How many In-Home presentations are being conducted this week/month that I can attend and invite people to?
Are my team members and I registered for the next regional or national conference?
Am I building for (promoting) our weekly prospecting calls/leadership calls?

7. Duplication

Systems MUST be duplicatable. Hear first-hand how it plays a foundational role in growing your business.

8. Your Pace

The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack. Learn how taking action will move you towards your goals, which will help to develop a sense of urgency in your life!

9. The Winning Mindset

If somebody isn't committed to their business and their success, that lack of commitment will show up everywhere in their life. Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.” Learn how to take this mentality and apply it to all areas of your business!