Click here to download The Ultimate Detox System Protocol Booklet, and then watch the video to hear our formulator & chemist, Dr. Christoopher Shade, as he introduces this one-of-a-kind, 2-step detoxification system.


Dr. Shade designed 4 detoxification levels to ensure you experience a successful and efficient total body detox. Learn the purpose of starting with our Maintenance Detox and how to gradually build tolerance to our High Intensity Detox.


Levels of Detoxification

Levels of Detoxification

  • LEVEL 1


    Use this protocol to either begin your detoxification journey or when cycling down from a High Intensity Detox. The Level 1 Maintenance Detox is a once a day protocol, and you will need to complete 4 cycles (5 days on, 2 days off) before advancing to Level 2.

    Level 1 Products Needed: 1 Ultimate Detox System & 1 bottle of Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil.*

  • LEVEL 2


    The Optimization Detox is the next level in your total body detoxification journey! The Level 2 Optimization Detox is a twice daily protocol, morning and night, and lasts for a total of 28 days (cycling 5 days on, 2 days off OR cycling 10 days on, 4 days off). This optional cycle will begin preparing your body for the more intensive detoxification, Levels 3 & 4.

    Level 2 Products Needed: 2 Ultimate Detox System & 1 bottle of Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil.*

  • LEVEL 3


    The Intermediate Detox is an intensive 28 day, 2 cycle (10 days on & 4 days off) total body detoxification. The Level 3 Intermediate Detox uses a three times daily protocol. We suggest listening to your body before advancing to the the final detox stage, the High Intensity Detox.

    Level 3 Products Needed: 3 Ultimate Detox System & 2 bottle of Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil.*

  • LEVEL 4


    The High Intensity Detox is an intensive 10 day, 1 cycle (10 days on & 2 days off) total body detoxification! The Level 4 High Intensity Detox uses a three times daily protocol with doubled servings.

    Level 4 Products Needed: 3 Ultimate Detox System & 2 bottle of Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil.*



Liver Clear charges up the phases of detox, moves bile, protects the liver, promotes cellular and hepatic glutathione production and balances in ammatory pathways.



These binders have been shown to work on mycotoxins, cyanotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, endotoxins, endocrine disrupters, inflaammatory molecules, toxins found in bile, and heavy metals, including mercury.



Our Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is a highly recommended add-on to each of our protocol regimens. Hear how our Hemp oil is ideal for resetting autonomic balance and restoring the parasympathetic nervous system, while calming the sympathetic nervous system during detoxification.

What to expect when using The Ultimate Detox System


  •   Why is it important to cycle off a detox for periods at a time?

    When on an Ultimate Detox System cycle the protocols of the system are activating and stimulating certain functions of your body’s chemistry—most notably the detoxification processes. To avoid habituation to the detox protocols it is advised (at each detox level) to take prescribed time off to allow the body’s natural detoxification functions to reset. Please follow the instructions of each Ultimate Detox System level carefully.

  •   How long does one Detox System usually last?

    The dosing of an Ultimate Detox System cycle varies by the level of detox you are taking. Please review the Scalable Protocols" section above for precise cycling periods, and amount of product necessary to complete a particular detoxification level.

  •   Is this Detox like a cleanse?

    The Ultimate Detox System is a whole-body toxin elimination process, activated on a cellular level, and designed to clear the entire body of toxins like heavy metals, endotoxins, pesticides/herbicides, and mycotoxins. A standard cleanse concentrates specifically on the cleaning or flushing of the digestive tract. An Ultimate Detox System cycle includes protocols and functions of a cleanse, but is more advanced and encompassing.

  •   How quickly will I notice the effects?

    Effects of the Ultimate Detox System are typically felt within 24 to 48 hours, sometimes sooner. Please be aware that as your body acclimates to the protocols of an Ultimate Detox System cycle you may experience fatigue, headaches, sluggishness, and/or mild flu-like symptoms. If symptoms persist longer than 14 days it is advised to lower the detox level and/or dosing. If symptoms worsen it is best to consult your physician.

  •   How do I know the detox is working?

    While the body acclimates to an Ultimate Detox System cycle you may feel fatigue, headaches sluggishness, and mild flu-like symptoms. Once acclimated to the 2-step protocols of the detox system, results typically felt are greater general energy, mental clarity, and release from “brain fog.”

  •   What side effects might I experience?

    As the body acclimates to the two-step protocols of the Ultimate Detox System, you may experience fatigue, sluggishness, and light flu-like symptoms. These effects typically last from 3 to 14 days. If the effects do persist longer than 14 days it is best to lower the detox level. If symptoms worsen it is best to consult your physician. Watch "What to expect when using The Ultimate Detox System" video above for Dr. Shade's full explanation.

  •   Is it safe to take if you don’t have a gallbladder?

    Yes, but be sure to eat small meals throughout the day versus 3 large meals.

  •   Is taking PMB's Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil required during the detoxification protocols?

    No, but the Hemp Oil can be very beneficial if you experience brain fog. Watch "The Best Hemp Oil" video above to get Dr. Shade's full response.

  •   Does the Liver Clear require refrigeration?

    It does not; however, we recommend storing it at room temperature.

  •   Is The Ultimate Detox System safe for pregnant and/or nursing women?

    It’s not recommended for pregnant or nursing women due to potential contraindications.

  •   Do you have to eat 30 minutes after taking the Ultra Binder?

    It is not; however, it is suggested that you do not skip meals and drink plenty of water throughout the day.